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Can’t get you out of my sight!

mei 31, 2007

She’s everywhere, damn, they say it’s the biggest promotion for H&M ever, but i like it 🙂 It costs about 500 million dollars! It’s more then the promotion for the current Spidermanmovie! No wonder the collection is sold out almost immediatly. Sorry for Madonna’s collection, but in Belgium it seems to be a big failure. But what you do want :p Kylie is a happy personality! Always shining and playing the diva, enjoying life as it comes…Madonna’s working too much for the moment I think, playing serious with her movie she’s directing and so on…

Only I find the collection of Kylie lying in the stores isn’t that fantastic, but they didn’t use the same materials as for kylie’s photos 🙂 and the biggest small lady hasn’t much to do about it except the initial idea’s and the promotion 😉

have a look at the campaign:



Yup, she’s painted here 😉


Kylie – bigger then life 😉


He did it again!

mei 31, 2007

Een van mijn favoriete fotografen van het moment, Erwin Olaf, heeft weer een heel mooie reeks gemaakt geinspireerd op de jaren zestig. Zoals gewoonlijk heel mooi gestilleerd 🙂



Op een dag vergeet je je rekeningen te betalen…

mei 31, 2007

en dan heb je dit voor…



mei 28, 2007

Time to show one of my designs here, haven’t done it, i’d be happy to have some comments about it. It’s not perfect though, it needs some more adjustments.


Do I just loooooooooove kletskoppen

mei 28, 2007

In these hard days i do find some happiness in eating “kletskoppen”. Don’t know what the English word is, but DAMN they’re delicious.


a new tradition?

mei 28, 2007

Owkee, May hasn’t been a very living month… it’s been every week that i heard people passing away 😦

Week 1: my neighbour, as mentioned before…
Week 2: the sister of a classmate of mine, damn she had het 26th birthday the day before, so unfair
Week 3: the mother of a friend of mine
Week 4: a friend of a friend of mine

It’s not nice to here a message like this every week :s especially not when i’m having troubles with myself aswell. I hope next month i won’t hear another message like this anymore 😦


This made my day :)

mei 25, 2007

okyou can call me whatever you want, but to see a girl dressed up to the max you really get my attention 🙂 A friend of mine, Eric, and I share the same passion about that subject, with a special attention to Kylie Minogue.

Now he has showed me pictures of Kylie from yesterday in Cannes, she looks so gorgeous, you should check out the other pics!! She really has become an icon these days! She might be small in person, 1m55, but i bet she has a big personality and a very big heart!

Kylie Minogue Cannes33895koka00122813lozx7.jpg



I just love here!

Here’s a video of the celebrity auction in Cannes, next to Sharron Kylie really looks small! And it’s funny to see her jump up like a little girl on the sounds of Scissor Sisters hihi 🙂

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