Brussels is English

mei 3, 2007

This was a bit of a surprise to read today in the news… Brussels, capital of Belgium and of Europe, has a majority of English speaking inhabitants… This while the official languages of Belgium are Dutch, French and German… Offcourse the cause of this is the presence of International Facilities, mainly for the European Union. People who spreak french, in means of second language, are still 95% of the population, but this includes dutch and english speaking people with knowledge off French.
I think it’s a good cause, I’ve seen Brussels as an international city, i want to live there by the end of the year. On one night out you can speak with so many different nationalities and in so many languages and in still a very social context! The research also shows that Brussels can never be annexated by Flanders OR by Wallonie, just because of this diversity.
They do warn that Brussels may not become a city of “apartheid”, meaning there may not be a separation between those different cultures like the creation of different “getto’s”.

Although it might not be a result i would have approved some years ago, being a proud Belgian, i find this news positive. Think global they say, well i like getting to know different kind of people, as some of my friends already noticed, i know people in all shapes and sizes…


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