Do I just loooooooooove kletskoppen

mei 28, 2007

In these hard days i do find some happiness in eating “kletskoppen”. Don’t know what the English word is, but DAMN they’re delicious.


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  1. Maybe am I stupid but what are “Kletskoppen”?
    Is it fish? Meat? or vegetable?
    I never heard about “kletskoppen” but I would like to know…

  2. It’s a cookie, uhm but i don’t really know the ingediants, but thay’re very good 😉

  3. Recipe 31 pieces

    30 gram margarine lukewarm
    100 gram thick sugar white
    25 gram braun sugar
    50 gram all purpose flour
    20 gram water cinnamon
    30 gram almonds cut in little pieces

    Stir the margarine with the sugar, add the flour, and water and cinnamon and at last the almonds. Fill a pastybag with a top of 1/3 inch. Make little dots. Bake them on 445ºF for 9-10 minutes. Let them stay 1 minute and let them cool on a wirerack. (When they bake they become bigger then flatter then brown).

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