Can’t get you out of my sight!

mei 31, 2007

She’s everywhere, damn, they say it’s the biggest promotion for H&M ever, but i like it 🙂 It costs about 500 million dollars! It’s more then the promotion for the current Spidermanmovie! No wonder the collection is sold out almost immediatly. Sorry for Madonna’s collection, but in Belgium it seems to be a big failure. But what you do want :p Kylie is a happy personality! Always shining and playing the diva, enjoying life as it comes…Madonna’s working too much for the moment I think, playing serious with her movie she’s directing and so on…

Only I find the collection of Kylie lying in the stores isn’t that fantastic, but they didn’t use the same materials as for kylie’s photos 🙂 and the biggest small lady hasn’t much to do about it except the initial idea’s and the promotion 😉

have a look at the campaign:



Yup, she’s painted here 😉


Kylie – bigger then life 😉


4 reacties

  1. Ik ben blij dat ze er weer is, onze prinses.

  2. ik ook, ma das wel redelijk duidelijk zeker?

  3. Waar zijn die foto’s genomen ?
    En dat filmpje was zeker (gedeeltelijk) opgenomen in Utrecht ?

    grote promotie in ieder geval 🙂

  4. geen idee waar ze genomen zijn, sorry 🙂

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