Video Clips = Art?

augustus 5, 2007

I think it Videoclips should come together on the cd with the single… Some clips are just so original and beautifull it’s a shame you can’t see them when you want… All the work people put into those clips and they just show it on tv for promotion… Couldn’t singles come out on dvd with the clip attached? Or more artists should bring out dvd’s with their clips on…

One of my favourite clips is Star Guitar – The Chemical Brothers … From the first moment i saw that clip it’s been ingraved in my memory ever since.. It’s a computer simulation, but the way the environment fits to the music was so appealing to me, i always like when that happens. Like when i’m driving and have to stop in front of the lights and the light switches exactly with a change of beat, i find it always amusing… Or maybe i explain it better like when you’re walking on the rithm of the beat of a song… That’s more understandable i think…


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