Titanic – Two The Surface

augustus 28, 2007

Oh my, a sequel on Titanic… Originally called Titanic 2… I just saw the trailer and i must say, have they gone nuts? The story line is soo unreal, like Dawson has been lying on the ocean floor frozen all the time? yeah right…

I am going to see it though, even just for the beginning… The Titanic, not the movie but the real thing, has always had something special that attrackts me, don’t really know what it is. That’s why I loved the first movie, not because babyface Leo (although it seems to improve now) but because of the 3D renderings and decors made of the Titanic.

Anyway, watch the trailer yourself:

Edit: it seems to be fake, well it was well done anyway lol


2 reacties

  1. This is a good joke! Love the way they have put it together. Not good enough to believe it though, just to laugh with it. It contains quite some images from other movies. Most of them with a younger Leonardo. Enjoy Titanic Two The Surface 😉

  2. ah it’s a joke… oops i’m so naïve

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