oktober 5, 2007

They did it again. Third time in a row. Sony made a new commercial for their Bravia television, and it’s an original commercial again. The imagination! SUPERB

I’ll post the first 2 commercials here aswell, seeing them all 3 must make you feel happy! They make me happy!
The first commercial took 10 days to prepare :s and the shot lasted less then a minute :p

For the second commercial they used 250.000 superballs bouncing down the streets of San Francisco. I hope no-one was coverd under those balls :p he would look like he had been in a fight :p

The Third and last one (for now) has used 2,5 tonnes of plasticine for the stop-motion anymation in the streets on NY. It’s just crazy!!!

If you look carefully you see sometimes 2 bunnies colliding, like a yellow and a blue one and a green one emerges :p

Beautifull site btw
Thx Mick


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  1. […] Come Into My World The life of Karel « It’s hard to give up love 1234 december 10, 2007 Hehe, i found this on the blog of GUS-mag… Could be the new commercial for Bravia… […]

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