Madrid Köln

juni 30, 2010

Grrrr, I so hate these days, the weather is just perfect and allmost all my friends are leaving to Madrid. I should have booked the trip some weeks ago aswell instead of waiting… It’s all too expensive now to go just for Sunday-Monday. Some weeks ago I could have arranged with my boss not to work on Saturday, then I would have been able to from thursdayevening till mondayevening…

ANYWAY I can’t complain, these last months, it’s not like I’ve been sitting @ home… I’ve been going to the coast for a birthdayparty, twice to London, been going out in Köln one evening, Antwerp a couple of times, stayed in Brussels some days a few times… And all this in the first half of the year, with many more plans to happen, like going to Barcelona, Berlin, London again, Amsterdam, Paris maybe, Italy perhaps… Nothing is fixed yet, and I prefer it that way for the moment.

But for this weekend, as most of my friends are going away, I cannot sit @ home, I need to do something, so the next best thing after Madrid would be Köln, as there is a very good deal in the Thalys-offers, I might go with Merwan just for the night. Tonight it will be decided ;).

And if that doesn’t go through, I’ll end up in Antwerp (again!), but no, I ain’t staying home this weekend! Summer’s in! I’m out!


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