The little mermaid versus my life…

juni 30, 2010

As most of my friends know, my all time favourite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. Most of them find it ridiculous or childish or just plain stupid. Over these last few days I’ve been wondering why this movie appeals to me so much and I think I finally found an answer.

You all know the story, so no need to recapitulate…

The fact that she has a dream, a goal and she’s willing to go very far to get where she wants to be, and when finally she does, is where the magic is for me. She’s not afraid to take on risks, disobeying her father, being naive in trusting other people…

I also do like the underwater world, mmm mermen, hehe, where’s the time that I’m imagining I am one when I’m diving in a pool, being free to move where you want, up, down, left, right,… so much more possibilities 😉

So I guess it’s a mixture of different elements that make me love the movie and make me watch it over and over again

and again

and again…


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