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Adidas Wanted!!

november 28, 2007

Ongeloofelijk maar deze broek vind ik nu nergens, heb al elke winkel platgelopen die ik ken waar ze Adidas verkopen, maar nergens meer rode broeken te vinden, en ik vind die juist zo cool… Als iemand deze ziet hangen ergens, of weet waar ze te vinden, laat zo vlug mogelijk iets achter πŸ˜‰ thx



augustus 16, 2007

Mijn adidassen vergeten thuis… heb dus nu geen deftige schoenen om mee buiten te komen en ik moet naar Ann’s afscheidfeestje zaterdag :s

zal morgenvroeg dan maar vlug even shoppen, ik moet toch naar de bib πŸ™‚



augustus 13, 2007

I just don’t know what to do with it…

Let it grow, keep it short, or shave it really short like 1 or 2 mm…


New swimgear

juli 5, 2007

From my visit in london i got myself some new swimgear, tell my what you think of it!




juni 4, 2007

Zou de 2 weken omruilperiode hier ook gelden?


Can’t get you out of my sight!

mei 31, 2007

She’s everywhere, damn, they say it’s the biggest promotion for H&M ever, but i like it πŸ™‚ It costs about 500 million dollars! It’s more then the promotion for the current Spidermanmovie! No wonder the collection is sold out almost immediatly. Sorry for Madonna’s collection, but in Belgium it seems to be a big failure. But what you do want :p Kylie is a happy personality! Always shining and playing the diva, enjoying life as it comes…Madonna’s working too much for the moment I think, playing serious with her movie she’s directing and so on…

Only I find the collection of Kylie lying in the stores isn’t that fantastic, but they didn’t use the same materials as for kylie’s photos πŸ™‚ and the biggest small lady hasn’t much to do about it except the initial idea’s and the promotion πŸ˜‰

have a look at the campaign:



Yup, she’s painted here πŸ˜‰


Kylie – bigger then life πŸ˜‰