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oktober 5, 2007

They did it again. Third time in a row. Sony made a new commercial for their Bravia television, and it’s an original commercial again. The imagination! SUPERB

I’ll post the first 2 commercials here aswell, seeing them all 3 must make you feel happy! They make me happy!
The first commercial took 10 days to prepare :s and the shot lasted less then a minute :p

For the second commercial they used 250.000 superballs bouncing down the streets of San Francisco. I hope no-one was coverd under those balls :p he would look like he had been in a fight :p

The Third and last one (for now) has used 2,5 tonnes of plasticine for the stop-motion anymation in the streets on NY. It’s just crazy!!!

If you look carefully you see sometimes 2 bunnies colliding, like a yellow and a blue one and a green one emerges :p

Beautifull site btw
Thx Mick


I want it, I want it, I want it

oktober 4, 2007

Titanic – Two The Surface

augustus 28, 2007

Oh my, a sequel on Titanic… Originally called Titanic 2… I just saw the trailer and i must say, have they gone nuts? The story line is soo unreal, like Dawson has been lying on the ocean floor frozen all the time? yeah right…

I am going to see it though, even just for the beginning… The Titanic, not the movie but the real thing, has always had something special that attrackts me, don’t really know what it is. That’s why I loved the first movie, not because babyface Leo (although it seems to improve now) but because of the 3D renderings and decors made of the Titanic.

Anyway, watch the trailer yourself:

Edit: it seems to be fake, well it was well done anyway lol