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Iphone in Europe

oktober 16, 2007

Who knows when the iPhone is released in Europe? My old cellphone (indeed old, in januari he’ll be 4 years, I think it’s a record) is starting to die, my battery runs out like every day… I’m waiting for the iPhone but when would i be able to buy it? Does anyone have a clue?


Mac vs Windows

september 19, 2007

They all told me “Mac is the best”, “Windows sucks”, “Never problems with a Mac”… Well i’ve had my MacBook Pro for 9 months now, and I’m not convinced, my next laptop is a Pc again. I’ve had nothin but problems with compatibility. First of all the version of Msn for Mac sucks BIGTIME, you can’t cam with it, though i have a built in cam, message history is stored, but you don’t see what you last wrote when you open a conversation with a person, files are transferred tooooooo slow, no buzzer, no link to spaces, pfff… there is an othere version for mac, called aMsn, that one is faster, yes, it has a buzzer, yes, you can cam, well yeah, sometimes, with some people it just doesnt work, they can accept but they see a white screen… so nothing improves there…

The second problem i have is that some of my programs i use for my profession aren’t compatible with Mac, like Autocad…

Third is that some video’s just don’t seem to play, i can’t even open some??? like .fla files i can’t play, and sometimes quicktime only plays the clip with no sound or sound with no clip… that’s amusing… grrrrrrrrrrr

4th, iPhoto sucks, i thought it would collect all my pictures so i can adjust them all, but no, it makes thumbnailes from all your pictures and when you adjust one picture it’s saved in another map, apart from the pictures from the same roll… So when you turn some pictures, but you go to the original map, all the pictures are the same, you have to search for the turned ones… And because i thought it had gathered all the original ones and not the thumbnails i have deleted a big section of pictures, with the result from some events i only have the thumbnails left…

AND 5th, apple would be faster, well i don’t measure time, but i’m quite sure that it’s the same, even though it’s a Core Duo 2, which promised to be faster…

Well maybe i got a bit too influenced… because apparantly everybody who told me “you should buy a Mac, you’ll be happy”… They all seem to work mainly on windows….

I made my conclusion, next one is a Windows laptop

ps: the Ipod is a heavenly product, nothing against that, just the computers from Apple are overrated…